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Bridging The Gap

For Mathew, this podcast is not just about sharing stories. It’s about building bridges. He understands that divorce is a personal journey and a legal one.

And often, there’s a disconnect between legal professionals and those going through a divorce. “Divorce Down Under” aims to bridge this gap.

It offers family lawyers a unique platform to connect with listeners, understand their concerns from a personal perspective, and offer their expertise in a compassionate and relatable manner.

Mathew Walker (Host)

Mathew Walker has faced personal challenges, shaping his mission to provide support for people going through divorce. He noticed a lack of platforms discussing the emotional and social aspects of divorce in Australia, which led him to create “Divorce Down Under.”

The platform aims to offer comfort, understanding, and guidance to its listeners. Mathew is committed to making a difference with every episode and conversation, whether through providing a fresh perspective, actionable advice, or simply being a listening ear.

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Insightful Episodes

Join Mathew Walker on “Divorce Down Under” for every episode to help you heal, understand, and build stronger connections.

Engage in meaningful conversations, gain insights, and be part of a caring community.

A Call to Family Lawyers

Mathew extends a special invitation to family lawyers. He believes that lawyers have a pivotal role in the divorce journey. Beyond the legal proceedings, they can influence outcomes, shape narratives, and offer support.

By collaborating with “Divorce Down Under”, family lawyers have the opportunity to share their expertise and connect with listeners on a human level. It’s a chance to be more than just a legal professional; it’s a chance to be a beacon of hope.

Mathew envisions it as a community as “Divorce Down Under” grows. A community where individuals can come together, share, learn, and grow, regardless of where they are on their divorce journey.

He sees it as a space where stories of resilience shine, where challenges are transformed into opportunities, and where every individual finds their path to healing and growth.

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