Divorce Down Under

First Steps to a New Beginning with Presenter Mat Walker

Mat Walker’s Journey and Advice on Finding Peace and Building a Fresh Start

In a world where approximately 38% of marriages end in divorce, navigating the aftermath of separation is a challenge many Australians face. Mat Walker’s podcast, “Divorce Down Under,” provides a comforting space for those grappling with these changes. In this first episode, Mat shares his personal journey, key insights, and helpful advice to make this transitional phase more manageable and positive.

The Reality of Divorce

Mat Walker begins the episode by shedding light on the prevalence of divorce in Australia. With over 127,000 marriages and about 49,000 divorces annually, the numbers tell a story that many can relate to. Divorce, Mat admits, is never good per se, but one can certainly find good in how they approach and handle it. This mindset forms the foundation of his podcast — helping people create a positive future post-divorce.

Personal Reflections and Struggles

Mat’s candidness about his own experiences sets a genuine tone for the show. He speaks of the initial challenges he faced, grappling with the emotional turmoil and the societal pressures of appearing perfect. The pressure, Mat argues, often comes from caring too much about others’ opinions, most of whom play no significant role in our lives. This realization empowered him to take steps towards healing and personal growth.

The Importance of Support

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One of the critical points Mat emphasizes is the significance of a support system. Whether it’s friends, family, or professional support, having people around you who can share your burden is invaluable. Mat was fortunate to have a supportive family and friends during his tough times, although he also acknowledges the challenges of leaning on others when societal norms push us to keep negative emotions to ourselves.

Mediation Over Litigation

Mat speaks from experience when he advocates for mediation over litigation. While acknowledging that lawyers are sometimes essential, he stresses that mediation can be a less costly and more harmonious way to resolve issues. A good lawyer, in his view, isn’t just about fees but about genuinely assisting clients through tumultuous times. Mat’s advice is clear: if you and your partner can work things out through mediation, it’s often the best route to take.

Lessons for a Better Future

From his personal journey, Mat has gleaned several lessons that he wishes to share with his audience. Key among them is the importance of self-improvement and learning from past mistakes to build a better future. He hopes his insights will resonate with listeners and help them make informed choices that lead to better outcomes, whether in marriage or post-divorce life.

Parenting Amidst Divorce

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For Mat, a significant motivator for starting the podcast was his daughter. He reflects on how divorce has not only affected him but also shaped his role as a parent. Mat wants to ensure his daughter grows up understanding the values of a healthy relationship, hoping she doesn’t become part of the 38% divorce statistic. This personal touch adds depth to the podcast, showing that the impacts of divorce extend beyond the couple to their children as well.

Future Episodes and Expert Interviews

Toward the end of the episode, Mat teases future content that listeners can look forward to. He plans to bring in experts, including lawyers who aren’t just in it for the money but who genuinely care about their clients. He also intends to share tools and advice that could help couples before, during, and after marriage — potentially reducing the likelihood of divorce altogether.


Mat Walker’s “Divorce Down Under” is more than just a podcast about navigating divorce; it’s about finding yourself amidst the chaos and building a path towards a happier future. His personal anecdotes, combined with practical advice and expert insights, provide a comprehensive guide for anyone dealing with the complexities of divorce. By sharing his journey, Mat hopes to ease the path for others, offering hope and guidance in what can often be a dark and difficult time.

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